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The Crash Hub is the leading online EDR Expert Directory. EDR experts listed in The Crash Hub are available for retention, consultation and list their EDR specialties (CDR downloads, EDR Downloads, CDR Report Analysis, ect) and also list the types of EDR tools they use (Bosch CDR Tool, Tesla EDR Tool, Hyundai/Kia EDR Tool, Heavy Vehicle EDR Tools). EDR or Event Data Recorder is a term for experts that are versed in the many disciplines of event data recorder imaging and analysis.

The EDR Expert Directory (referred to as The Crash Hub) specializes in featuring EDR experts globally. The expert directory allows the user to search for EDR experts in a variety of ways. It is also equally important for EDR Experts to provide a professional listing and generate EDR leads.

Lead Generation for EDR Experts

The EDR Expert Directory generates leads for our directory members everyday! Although EDR is a very niche industry, The Crash Hub is the directory to be listed in if you are looking to generate more cases. Most importantly, this is NOT advertising. The Crash Hub is an informative directory website that allows attorneys, and other professionals looking to retain your services, to learn more about what you and your company provides as it relates to crash data retrieval and analysis. Our job is to direct traffic to our directory and your job is to build a profile (within the Crash Hub) to showcase your expertise.

There are no referral fees. Your annual membership includes everything you need to build a professional and effective edr expert listing.

Examples of Leads Generated by The Crash Hub

Hello my vechicle was in an accident and was parked when it was struck by another car. The other driver is now claiming my car was on the road driving. Is it possible to retrieve the data that would show my car was parked.

The Crash Hub - EDR Expert Directory

I was referred to you. I’m an attorney in Hood River, OR with a van/motorcycle collision I may need to have investigated. I need information on costs for my client. Thank you.

The Crash Hub - EDR Expert Directory

Opposing counsel has sent us raw data from an EDR which shows up as a CDrx. What we are asking is if you or your company can open the raw data and decipher the electronic data recorder’s information. If so, can you give us a ballpark figure of how much this would cost?

The Crash Hub - EDR Expert Directory

I have a case where we need a 2004 Dodge Ram inspected as we believe the power steering when out causing my client to hit another vehicle head. The power steering on the truck was repaired 3 separate times in the months leading up to the crash.

The Crash Hub - EDR Expert Directory

I would like you to review a Bosch CDR report on a pedestrian accident case to confirm that there was “no crash judgment”. Car vs. pedestrian resulting in death.

The Crash Hub - EDR Expert Directory

I am a claims adjuster with xxxxx – our claim number is xxxxxx. We need EDR retrieved from a claimant’s vehicle ( 2006 Chevy Malibu) to help resolve a liability dispute. DOL is 04/20/2020 – claimant lives in Los Angeles. My direct number is xxx-xxx-xxxx
Thank you in advance

The Crash Hub - EDR Expert Directory

I am a criminal lawyer in the province of Quebec, in Canada. I’m working on an important impaired driving file involving a Tesla vehicle. We want to contest the speed obtained from Event Data Recorder and which the prosecution wants to put into evidence.

The Crash Hub - EDR Expert Directory

EDR Expert Search By State

Another useful edr expert search criteria is the ability to search by location or state. Often times attorneys are looking for local edr experts as it is more cost effective to their case. The EDR Expert Directory lists experts from almost every state in the United States. You can even drill your search down further by searching by county or city. Below are some of the states where you can find and retain an edr expert:

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